Savage Heat Exchangers Engines

Standard models and custom made units built tough in New Zealand.

  • Designed to extend the life of your marine engine or industrial/hydraulic system
  • All our heat exchangers and oil coolers are manufactured with nickel plated copper shells, bronze O-ring sealed end caps, 90-10 cupro-nickel tube bundles and zinc anode protection. They are built to withstand salt and extreme water conditions

Whatever type of engine you have in your boat, we can supply you with a heat exchanger to suit from the smallest petrol or diesel engine to large V8 petrol and medium-range diesels. Vertical Mounting with Integral Header Tank Horizontal mounting with Integral Header Tank.

  • Marine and industrial Heat Exchangers
  • Combination Heat Exchanger / Tank Units
  • Hydraulic Oil Coolers
  • Marine Engine Oil Coolers
  • Marine Transmission Oil Coolers
  • Marine refrigeration Condenser’s
  • Fuel Coolers
  • Water Cooled Exhaust Manifolds cast alloy & galvanised steel
  • Aftermarket & custom Tube Bundles / Coolers
  • Remote header tanks
  • Coolant recovery bottles

If you're looking for marine engine cooling systems and accessories, industrial oil coolers, or related equipment, Savage Manufacturing, specialise in designing and manufacturing for marine and industrial applications, using quality materials designed to last for many years.

Marine engines, generators, fire pumps, irrigation pumps, hydraulic machinery and land-based duties such as engine-testing equipment. Whatever you need, Savage Manufacturing can design and build you a solution that is durable and long lasting.

Luxfords are the Australian supplier of the SAVAGE Product range & spare parts 

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Savage Heat Exchangers Products