Poly Flex Group Pty Ltd is an Australian company and since commencing in 1981 has continued to expand both in product range and areas of export.

Poly Flex manufactures Engine Mounting Systems, Flexible Disc Couplings & Steel Shaft Couplings

Their range includes propeller shaft couplings, engine mounts, steel half couplings for engines from 5 H.P. to 1500 H.P.+

They also have a rudder bearing system consisting of a upper & lower bearing connected with an epoxy tube that can be built into any boat.

For more information, please refer to the manufacturer’s website www.polyflex.com.au
Polyflex Products


Vetus have a range bonded rubber mounts & couplings to suit their range engines and drive systems

For new installations or as replacements for originals

Many of the mounts are direct replacements for mounts found on other brands of engines

For more information, please refer to the manufacturer’s website www.vetus.com
Vetus Products


We stock a range marine engine drive plates commonly found on marine engines

In general there are 2 types of plate found

One has a series of springs acting as the dampening system the other has a nylon or rubber as the dampening system they both usually have a steel backing plate with a series of holes where it is attached to the engines flywheel.

To identify the plate we will need the number of splines & diameter of the gearbox input shaft & details of the backing plate where it attaches to the engines flywheel Diameter of backing plate, number of bolt holes and their PCD.

Download a pdf of some common drive HERE
Drive Plates Dampers