EXALTO Cutlass Shaft Bearings are a precision made range of water lubricated rubber lined marine bearings designed and manufactured for propeller shafts in stern tubes or struts on all inboard shaft drive marine vessels. The exceptional properties of the synthetic EPDM rubber as a bearing material, combined with the high performance of their hydrodynamic water wedge design ensures that EXALTO Shaft Bearings are the choice for reliable and maintenance free operation.

LUXFORDS predominantly stock EXALTO’S GRP “fibreglass” shelled bearings as they are dimensionally stable under water, have a superior bond between the shell & rubber lining and can be easily machined to non-standard sizes. These are direct replacements for naval brass shell & phenolic shell types  as well as Novasteen, Tufnol, Duramax, Silverline, Aqualine, Maritex, Morse, Johnson, and Countrose bearings.

We also have a stock of Novasteen – Tufnol  type bearing material for those odd sizes or where a rubber bearing is not suitable & for rudder stock bearings.

For more information download the Exalto bearings size list here
For more detail visit the Exalto website here: www.exalto.co.uk/au
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Exalto Bearings